The importance of the altmetric: case of our review paper in ERSP

OCT 25th 2017 Ten days ago, our review paper was published in ERSP.

Visualising mental representations: A primer on noise-based reverse correlation in social psychology

I’m really proud of this piece! It contains a literature review of reverse correlation studies in social psychology, a tutorial to create your own reverse experiments in R plus a new perspective of how to interpret the images provided by reverse correlation experiments (Classification Images). In this latter part, we’ve interpreted these images in light of the Predictive Coding framework, a novel influential and exciting framework in cognitive neuroscience. In short, we propose that Classification Images reflect aspects of the generative model that you use for perception. In other words, individual differences in Classification Images may predict individual differences in (social) perception.

Thanks (mostly) to Ron Dotsch’ influential social media network, the review paper has got an Altmetric of 15 already (!) and of today 289 people have check out the link to the paper. Let’s see if this indeed predicts the number of future citations, as was mentioned here and here (but also see here)

Want to know more? You can find the review paper by clicking here.

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