Science is beautiful.
But some things can and should be done better…

Here are my thoughts & activities to promote good research practice for academic research. This includes open science, technological innovations and considerations regarding the role and future of academia. My aim is to explore ways to improve my own research practice, help and inspire others to improve theirs and to educate students in these topics.


Thoughts & Activities

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About me

loek3Loek Brinkman is a lecturer at the department of Social, Health and Organisational Psychology at Utrecht University. He teaches the neural mechanism of perception, programming in R, and open science skills. His current research focusses on the replication of seminal findings in social (neuro)science. His previous research focussed on the neural correlates of mental representations and the role they play in perception and action. Together with Anita Eerland, Loek is leading the Open Science Community Utrecht, to promote open science practices amongst researchers.