About me

loek3Hi! I’m Loek Brinkman, currently working as a post-doc in social psychology at Utrecht University. My research and teaching focusses on mental images; to measure them and to investigate how they affect (social) perception, both in healthy populations and patients suffering from schizophrenia. I mainly use the psychophysical reverse correlation method to obtain visual proxies of mental images. The way I interpret this images is inspired by the theoretical framework of Predictive Coding, a novel influential and
exciting framework in cognitive neuroscience on how  we perceive the world. In both my teaching and my research, I emphasise open science and solid research practice.

I have obtained a PhD in cognitive neuroimaging (Donders Institute, Nijmegen). Before that, I studies Neuroscience & Cognition (MSc, Utrecht University) and Life Science & Technology (BSc, Technical University of Delft & Leiden University).