Sharing data using Mendeley Data

DEC 13th 2017 My colleague Yuru Wang recently published a paper on the effects of self-control on the sense of agency and made here data openly accessible using Mendeley Data. Her  experience was that putting the data online was just a matter of a few mouse-clicks and preparing the data for sharing forced her to manage and … Continue reading Sharing data using Mendeley Data

Utrecht University 2020 – Open Science

DEC 13th 2017 Tomorrow there will be a discussion of the (first draft of) the Open Science Plan for Utrecht University. The plan is geared to implement the ambitions states in the Strategic Plan of Utrecht University and is much in line with the Nationaal Plan Open Science. This is a great initiative! Many thanks … Continue reading Utrecht University 2020 – Open Science

Open Science Framework 101 Webinar

DEC 12th 2017 I've just 'attended' the 101 Open Science Framework webinar where Jennifer Freeman Smith from the CoS gave an excellent introduction to the Open Science Framework. I've learned about some new features, for example that you can link your dropbox and github accounts to your OCF projects so everything syncs automatically. Really nice!

Writing transparent papers using R Markdown

DEC 12th 2017 I've recently started writing my papers in R Markdown. R Markdown is a feature of R which allows you to integrate text and code. The end result is a script that, based on your raw data, produces the final version of your manuscript. This includes figures with fancy layouts and -notably- the … Continue reading Writing transparent papers using R Markdown

Solid Science module for research masters

DEC 12th 2017 Prof. Henk Aarts is working on a 'solid science' module for the research master Social, Health & Organizational Psychology. The module will focus on philosophy of science, statistics and good research practice. The initial draft of the module features chapter from the book 'Understanding Psychology as a Science', by Zoltan Dienes. This … Continue reading Solid Science module for research masters

The importance of the altmetric: case of our review paper in ERSP

OCT 25th 2017 Ten days ago, our review paper was published in ERSP. Title: Visualising mental representations: A primer on noise-based reverse correlation in social psychology I'm really proud of this piece! It contains a literature review of reverse correlation studies in social psychology, a tutorial to create your own reverse experiments in R plus a … Continue reading The importance of the altmetric: case of our review paper in ERSP

Social Neuroscience Minor – More room for ‘good practice’

AUG 23th 2017 Today I had a chat with Peter Bos, coordinator of the Social Neuroscience Minor at Utrecht University. Part of the minor is a lecture series on methods in social neuroscience (8 lectures, each covering one method, e.g. EEG, fMRI, endocrinology, etc.). In the next academic year, Peter is going to put more … Continue reading Social Neuroscience Minor – More room for ‘good practice’