Transition management

Want to make Open Science the norm at your university?

My approach to bring about large scale adoption of Open Science practices is to connect and mobilise researchers that are willing to adopt open science practices, but have as of yet little to no experience with such practices. In terms of the Cycle of Innovation, I target the Early Adopters and Majority (see image below). My strategy is to (1) reach these researchers, (2) create an environment where they can learn and talk about open science practice, and (3) empower them by giving them a voice in how open science policies are shaped and what kind of support is required. At Utrecht University, we put this to practice by starting and fostering an Open Science Community (, which attracted over 120 members from difference faculties within its first year. This initiative has inspired colleagues at other universities to start similar open science communities in Leiden, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Nijmegen, whom we support to manage and foster their communities.

Together, we make science more open!

Contact me at to discuss how we can make Open Science the norm at your university.

image: Wikipedia

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