What I have learned from the ‘Reflections on Replication’ conference

On the 15th and 16th of Februari, I attended – and much enjoyed – the conference ‘Reflections on Replication‘ organised by the Descartes Centre. Apart from meeting many interesting people from other disciplines, I’ve learned:

  • how historians and philosophers contribute to the debate on replication and open science
  • that irrespective whether you call it a crisis of confidence, replication crisis, or the-status-quo-for-the-last-50-years, there is ample reason to be seriously concerned about the current state of affairs within all academic disciplines.
  • that manylabs experiments are really the way forward
  • that a change in incentive structures is necessary,  or else the whole open science movement may well wipe itself our within a decade
  • how the OSC 2015 Science paper may have felt for the regression trap (says Klaus Fiedler)
  • that science may progress one funeral at a time… (says Max Planck)

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